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Bishop Jude, Diocese of Undo, Nigeria


A baby in Zambia, dying of starvation.

In 1967 Cardinal Spellman formed a Committee of Catholic Laity to contribute to mission activity on a personal level.  This concept of a lay committee actually was similar to the original Propagation of the Faith Committee founded in France in the 19th century by Pauline Jaricot, who gathered together a group of friends and workers into "circles of ten", asking each person to pray daily for the missions and make a regular weekly sacrifice.

A group of some thirty men and women, most of whose business activities center in the metropolitan area of New York, have been meeting once a year for the purpose of raising funds on behalf of the Archbishop so that the Archdiocese may provide financial assistance for the missionary activity of the Catholic Church.  These funds are used for the support of mission projects to help build up the local church, and to provide medical, educational and other basic necessities to millions of people throughout the world.  They are directed to those most in need. (No funds are used for promotional costs.)

Since 1967 the Committee has contributed over $6,000,000.00 to the missions.









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